How do I stand out at this year's holiday party?

It’s that time again! Holiday parties are right around the corner and as someone who looks for any opportunity to get glammed up, I couldn’t be more excited! One of the things I've noticed about holiday fashion, however, is that the trends don’t tend to vary a whole lot.

Typically the color palette for Christmas and New Year’s Eve party attire are red, blue, gold, silver and the occasional green with lots of glitter and sparkle thrown in! Don’t get me wrong, I love a classic Christmas look just as much as the next gal, but if you’re looking for something that will have you standing out a little bit this year, here's a few non-traditional holiday party styles to drool over.

Black Holiday

So I might be a little biased on this one considering black is my go to color- but you really can make some very cute holiday outfits utilizing this shade. Black and white paired together automatically puts off those special event vibes. You could also try primarily black with a pop of a traditional holiday color like gold or red if you’re wanting to keep some of the Christmas or New Year’s spirit. And finally, if you’re feeling extra brave you could try my personal favorite - all black everything! Using different textures will keep your look from coming across as boring or flat.

Regardless of how much black you choose to don, you have to admit the color is super chic and versatile. Plus, since you’ll be wearing mostly neutral colors you can go all out with your makeup without fear of clashing or looking “too Christmas-y”.

Roaring 20s New Year

Fashion and parties inspired by the 20s have actually gained some popularity over the last few years thanks in part to the gorgeous work of Baz Luhrman in the 2013 Great Gatsby remake. A lot of people think pinstripe gangsters and flapper dresses when they think 20s style which isn’t incorrect...but there are tons of ways to make this look a show stopper without falling into the cheesy Halloween category. Check out these dresses for example. They give the perfect amount of glitz and shimmer for New Year's Eve but with the classic Art Deco vibes and silhouette from the 20s.

You can wear this style a couple of ways - traditional 20s complete with gorgeous head piece, or more of a modern look with subtle accessories. The same goes for makeup - you can go 20s vamp with dark lips and eyes or keep it current and go with neutral tones.

Pin-Up Christmas

The 20s aren't the only era that seem to be gathering a lot of attention style wise… silhouettes from the 40s and 50s have also been a rising trend for awhile now. (If you haven’t visited do can thank me later.) Here are a few examples of Pin-up Christmas style including very traditional retro and more modernized throwbacks. And just like with the 20s styles, your accessories and makeup will make a huge difference on your final look.

Purple Reign

Some people consider purple a holiday color and some don't. Either way, the color is certainly gorgeous and surprisingly flattering on a variety of skin tones. Plus, purple was actually on the radar for Vogue’s list of hot trends for winter 2016 - 2017, which is cool.

You could use purple as your main element or just accent your outfit with purple accessories. If you do decide to wear primarily purple, it might be best to keep your eye makeup in a neutral shade like brown/gold, grey/silver, or black to avoid giving off Barney vibes.

Not quite sure you’re ready to rock one of these looks? Check out the Holiday section of our website as well as our Pinterest for tons of cute classic holiday inspiration perfect for anything from a low-key work gathering to an all out New Year’s Eve bash!