About OFL

My mission is to help alleviate some of the guesswork and stress out of picking out what to wear - no monthly subscription necessary and no overly expensive price tags


Why I Created Outfits For Life…

Hi! Thank you so much for visiting Outfits For Life! I’m the creator - Germaine. I started this site in August 2016 after many years and many tiring attempts at trying to put together cute outfits while shopping (or in general). I’d find tons of great style inspo on Pinterest and IG, but the second I stepped foot into a store or in front of my closet my brain went blank!

I knew I couldn’t be the only one with that problem - at least I hoped it wasn’t just me (haha). Thus Outfits For Life was born! My goal is to help you with the guesswork of putting together cute outfits - ultimately saving you time and effort that could be better spent elsewhere. What’s more, I’m all about saving money, and I’m here to prove that you can be fashionable and chic without spending a fortune on designer brands.


  • I currently live in Oklahoma City

  • In addition to toddler-momming and website-blogging, I work in Optometry as a full-time contact lens technician

  • I’m an introvert and a homebody

  • I like all things weird and creepy

  • Black is my favorite color

  • I’m addicted to Netflix

  • If you are reading this, I am incredibly grateful for you and your support