Casual & Comfy Work Outfit


The weather here in Oklahoma is very hot and cold - literally! Climates will go from a chilly 50 degrees one day to mid-70s the very next. This can make transitioning a wardrobe between the seasons a little difficult. I’ve always been a cooler weather gal personally, so I decided to just go ahead and start rocking sweaters and scarves regardless of the strange looks I get when I fail to check the weather in the morning. I’ll let you make your own guesses on whether or not I was dressed weather appropriate here ;)

Either way, I love outfits like this. It is comfy and simple enough to be worn on a casual day, but still neat enough to not feel completely embarrassed if you ran into someone you knew while running errands - which is more than i can say for some of my more casual outfits! It’s even work appropriate in my opinion.

These are all wardrobe basics I’ve owned for a few years, so I probably won’t find the exact matches - but here are some similar finds.